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MAG V – Wheel Cleaner


Mag V is a Sulfuric acid based wheel cleaner that is combined with several surfactants and buffers. It is green in color and contains a mild wintergreen fragrance. The buffers help to slow the attack of metals and glass, but care must be taken when using. Mag V is designed to clean coated aluminum rims, chrome wheels and bumpers. Use to remove rust, brake dust and grime and brighten aluminum at truck wash facilities. Some concrete mixing companies use it for removing mineral deposits and/or concrete from the finishes of their trucks.

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Mag V is an acid-based wheel cleaner.  It is recommended for professional use on chrome and coated wheels.  The acid formula quickly cuts through brake dust and grime to make cleaning even the toughest wheels a cinch.  This can be used as an “aluminum brightener” for aluminum surfaces.  It will remove oxidation from aluminum surfaces and do a deep clean to get aluminum surfaces ready for polishing.  Works great on removing algae and other contaminates from pontoons.  Works great on neglected Alcoa rims and diamond plate.  Clean with Mag V, then polish with Metal Brite to create a chrome like finish.


    • Easily removes brake dust, oxidation and rust from even the most neglected rims.
    • Buffers help protect metal from corrosion.
    • Safe for painted or clear-coated rims.

Special Tips and Precautions:

  • Make sure surfaces are cool to the touch before applying.
  • Always work from the bottom towards the top to avoid streaks.
  • Always wear protective gear when using an acid product.  Use eye protection, gloves and a respirator.

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Sulfuric Acid (7664-93-9)pH Adjuster, Alcohols Ethoxylated (68439-46-3)Surfactant, Fragrance (proprietary)Fragrance, Dye (proprietary)Colorant.

Mag-V-Wheel-Cleaner – Tech Sheet


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