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Splash Water Spot Remover


Splash is a thickened acid product used to remove water spots from paint, glass and chrome. It is a buffered blend that actually dissolves water spots and rinses them away. Splash is just thick enough not to run off of the surface of the paint or glass but slowly coat and cling to the surface. This product has been tested and recommended by Honda. Perfect for use on vehicles, glass shower doors, granite, commercial windows, and even block walls that have mineral stains on them.

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    • Actually dissolves water spots.
    • Gel formula clings to surface.
    • Contains buffers help protect metal from corrosion.
    • Safely removes water spots from paint, glass & chrome.
    • Great for boats, RV’s, personal watercraft, etc.


    • Surface should be cool to the touch before applying Splash.
    • Always wear rubber or nitrile gloves and eye protection when using Splash.
    • Apply product to applicator pad, sponge or towel.  Then wipe onto a 2′ x 3′ area (maximum).
    • Spread product evenly over the area.  Rub gently to move product.
    • Add more product or spray with water to prevent it from drying.
    • As you are wiping the area, you will feel it get smoother as the mineral deposits are being dissolved.
    • When the area is smooth and all the mineral deposits are dissolved, rinse well with water.
    • Move onto next section and repeat.

Special Tips and Precautions:

    • Caution: Splash may accentuate any pitting that may be present on used windshields. We do not recommend using Splash on older windshields!
    • When removing water spots, Do not spray on. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge.
    • Make sure surfaces are cool to the touch before applying.
    • Always work from the bottom towards the top to avoid streaks.
    • Do not use Splash on side view mirrors. If Splash gets behind the mirror, it may cause noticeable streaking.

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Sulfuric Acid (7664-93-9)pH Adjuster, Confidential Ingredient, Alcohol Ethoxylate (68439-46-3)Surfactant, Confidential Ingredient, Fragrance (proprietary)Fragrance, Dye (proprietary) Colorant.

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