Superstratum Hypochlorous Acid Pro

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Superstratum Hypochlorous Acid Pro is a powerful nature-derived cleaner made using only salt, water, and electricity. This unique combination delivers the performance of a professional strength cleaner with none of the toxic chemicals.

Where to Use:

Use as a fogging or cleaning application – or both as in our mycotoxin protocol. Proven to destroy mycotoxins on building materials. Safe for all surfaces.

How to Use:

Use as a daily cleaner by spraying directly onto surfaces, wait 10 seconds, then wipe dry.
For tougher stains, allow to sit longer and use a bristle brush to remove bio-films.
This chemistry is not a bleaching agent, so the toughest stains may require a stain remover after
the surface has been cleaned with HOCl.
Repeat as necessary.

See INFO SHEET attached below.

SDS Sheet


5 Gallon, 1 Gallon

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