Titania – Total Surface Protection

  • Long-Lasting (over 5 years in most instances)
  • No Residue (applied with clear liquid mist with no visible residue)
  • Eco-Friendly AND Non-toxic (no harmful chemicals, toxins, poisons)
  • Healthy (prevents unhealthy odors and VOCs)
  • Unscented (Titania doesn’t cover up odors with a scent), Surfaces will smell clean and fresh once Titania’s Hydroxyl Radicals are active and defeating odors that hit its surface

From: $34.33

4 x 1 gallon tighthead container of Titania


Every Boat, Ship, Vehicle and Real Estate Asset Owner, including Schools, Hospital/Medical, Restaurants and Offices are spraying Titania on all of their soft and hard surfaces, interior and exterior. Read the science that explains why Titania is THE active surface coating – proven in the lab and real world. 

Titania protects inside and out, from the sun’s harmful rays, fading, cracking, chipping, oxidation, staining, and odor buildup. Titania provides total interior and exterior protection warrantied for up to 5 years (through one of our professional applicators) with just ONE SPRAY.

Interior & exterior application takes 5-60 minutes depending on size of surfaces like a car, truck, marine, power sport or RV; longer for larger real estate, gyms and health care facilities. Smaller surfaces like clothing, helmets take seconds to spray and minutes to dry.

Weight 40.0 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 14 in

4oz., 6oz., 12oz., 1 Gallon, 4 x 1 Gallon

Products not availble to be shipped to Canada

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